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Minor on-the-spot repairs or a major overhaul


When you call us, we will respond in a timely manner. For 25 years Spies service trucks have been arriving at commercial pool sites full of parts, tools, equipment, expertise, and supplies. We bring the solutions you need. In fact, we are the commercial pool problem experts! Whether you call us with a minor repair or a major overhaul, we provide a speedy response to your call.

  • Leak detection and repair!  At Spies Pool, we do not believe there is any such thing as a small leak.  If your pool or spa needs a dye test to fix a minor leak or a complete pressure test we have the latest electronic equipment and the expertise to stop leaks cold. A quick phone call will bring us to your aid.
  • Motors and pump repairs. Our experienced technicians can repair any pump from 1/2 HP up to 50 HP!
  • Heater repairs and installation. We can repair your existing heater or install a new heater for you. Our service technicians are trained by all of the manufacturers and we can handle heaters up to 4 million BTUs.
  • Don't jeopardize your pool guests with missing safety equipment, broken handrails or ladders.
  • We also repair or replace troublesome Flowmeters and Chlorinators.
  • You need Spies Pool to mend that damaged pool shell! Beware of low quality or amateur repair.
  • Don't let a problem like a sinking deck "sink" the reputation of your pool or spa. Give us a call! Likewise, we can help you with non-skid tiles, depth markers, and perimeter tiles.  (For more ideas and specialized jobs like stylish design updates, we invite you to check out our Renovations page!)
Service Calls
  • Count on Spies Pool to fix Electrical malfunctions and repair your lighting.  Ask us about converting your pool to energy saving LED fixtures and Variable Frequency Drives.
  • New Vac Paks and replacement parts. Need a new Vak Pak installed or just replacement parts? Spies has what you need.
  • ADA lift installation and repair. Spies can engineer and permit the installation of a new lift on your pool or spa to meet the Federal regulation. We also carry a full line of repair parts to keep your existing lift working properly.

This menu is only a small part of our repair services. From our top quality pool pump parts and first rate heater parts, as well as today's new technology, we offer the best product, services and support for your commercial pool or spa at the most affordable prices.

At Spies Pool, we offer delivery of your pool parts and repairs
...done on time... done on budget... done right! 

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